About me

I always wanted to do something special. As an emotional person, I really like those moments in life which are unique…
…like weddings.

First time I was only asked to organise a wedding because I have been doing event planning for years. I felt that the world of weddings is completely different; I had to know everything before starting it. So I became a certified wedding coordinator, but this was still not enough. I knew that everything will be decided on the big day of the first wedding. I was right: when I arrived to the church and saw the first guests coming and smiling, I knew that I am at the best place I could ever be.

When you as bride and groom are satisfied, happy and relaxed, you can enjoy every moment of your beautiful day and I think to be part of that means something special.

Wedding planning is fun, but it is also hard work. You need to have the time and capacity to organise every little detail, and be on the top of each and one of them.

This can seem impossible, especially if you are foreigners planning your wedding in Hungary, or if you are Hungarians living abroad.

That is exactly why I am here for you: to assist you with the creation of your perfect day from the beginning until the last moments. I help you sort through the dizzying choices of locations, invitations, flowers, photographers, colour schemes, D.J.’s, bands, place cards and cakes, to name only a few .
In other words: I help your dreams to come true and as your right hand during your wedding planning, we can dream together.

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