The wedding coordinator

I have been thinking of this post for months. Wedding planner? Wedding consultancy? Wedding coordinator? Similar words, but are they really synonyms? I think they are just close to each other. The wedding planner is mainly organizing, she gives advice to the couple at the consultations, but what is the job of a wedding coordinator? As I have noticed that this service is the most popular these days, I would like to explain it a bit in this post.

It is very simple, let’s have a look:

– The wedding coordinator is coordinating. She helps the guests, informs them, replies to their questions and coordinates the whole wedding based on the wedding schedule, liaised with the couple. When I do complete wedding planning package, it includes this service too. Although I experienced that lots of couple is happy to organize, search for service providers by themselves, but they need help the coordination on the day, so they are willing to hire a wedding coordinator.

– An English speaking wedding coordinator could help a lot too, when some of the guests are foreigners. In this case it is very important to have someone who can help them, so they do not have to bother the bride and the groom with their questions.

– I have also seen many times, that the couples are stuck at one point of the organizing procedure, they became unsure; afraid of the coordination of the big day, and therefore it is more stress than happiness for them. A wedding coordinator could help in this situation too.

So if you need help especially on your big day and not in the organizing procedure, it is recommended to hire a wedding coordinator.

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